Thursday, July 19, 2018


Flame handed, reaching for the wisp of inspiration
To be grasped and put to flight
She being fleet footed, doe-eyed
Her departure illuminating sight

Drawing near, I feel the flutter
A wave of desire
There’s something effervescent
Yet tangible, living stripe of fire

Oh, your perfume! I’ve met you, I’ll not forget you
I’ll delight to write
The woes and raspings, crests and chafing
Dwelling in her light

This rain cloud apparition, droughting superstition
Barrenness aside, the ruminating plight
Obliged and criticized
Unlit and loosened like a kite

From the silent womb of morning
Until after midnight
Daily to pursue the dew 
Cultivating beauty, sure and right.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

More [Inspiration]

Laconic? Be not 
End the drought
With a draught
From inspiration’s fount

The waiting seed freed from dormancy,
Freed to write
Growing past the self-effacing lethargy
Into flourishing, life-giving insight
Now, ignite.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Awaken: A prayer for my nation

cut across the rivets and rivulets
of time
to a gentler age
when elected men were respectful
and discourse was civil

you are not dead,
I recall you.

though the debate
is filled with hate
fill me with love
fill us

with love to bridge the gap
may not agree, but understand
never disdaining ‘the other’
but crossing the aisle for your brother

burnt out and enraged
blame and shame filling the page
the broadcast anchor
fueling a phobic anger

fear not,
I say again,
do not fall into fear
the labels,
party associations and campaign donations
taking sides
of sides
until the division has blinded all eyes

I bless instead and call forth unity
justice without impunity
full of weighty mercy

He who reigns rains on the evil and the good
to His Name my plea is understood
in this time and place
shine on this nation’s case
recall and restore and remake
and awake
yes, awaken.

In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

On its way

The steady state of change
The waterfall's trickling refrain
Grown by rain

A constant cycling, source releasing
Carved through seasons and ages,  
River stages

Sinuous, hydrologically continuous
Individual droplets create this entity
Connected movement continually

O, like the river to embrace
Life's transitions with ever-flowing grace
Never arriving, but at rest.

August 2018 Submission to Friends of the Mississippi River's 'Write to the River' 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Love song

Love is a flame
is what heals the pain.

The grief of having loved and lost
Grief of change and the cost
of giving- of truly living.

Love is a call
and it's a command
Love is a call
and it's a demand.

Love, come

You know I've called you,
sought you
I've wanted you to be
with me.

I'm calling you to love
I'm calling you to life
I'm calling you to be here
with me
Be here, with me, now.

You won't forget
the one you've made
you won't relent
until she is safe.

Awaken you to love
Awaken you to life
Awaken you above the striving seas
into my eyes
See yourself in me.
In love-
loved, and known
cared for, and owned.

Awakened to love
Awakened to life
Awakened to know
yourself and find me by your side.

March 2017

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Heritage and Repentance

I love my nation, the United States of America. 
I didn't choose to be born here, but I was. 
And I'm thankful for it. 
So this fourth of July, I celebrate. And I pray. And I cry.
 I started this post a decade ago; I don't know why I didn't finish it. I just remember being so in awe after reading about a national apology. As a representative of his nation, the prime Minister of Canada apologized for trying to 'kill the Indian in the child'. 

This act was so needed. Yet does it sate the desire for justice? The colonial rapacious oppression? I'm angry at the legacy of racism and the perpetuation of stereotypes against first nation peoples. I'm angry my nation and northern neighbor had these evil policies.

It seems right for the government to apologize, to no longer sweep such actions under the rug. But is it enough? Is it repentance? 

Corporate repentance for cultural sins is mentioned in A. Scott Moreau's book on Spiritual Warfare. This is when "a person or a group of people, repents on behalf of a people or nation. This is called identificational repentance, meaning that the person or group is identifying itself as an appropriate representative for the people or nation that has sinned."

It's the fourth of July, the signing of the Declaration of Indepenence, the 'birth' of the USA. How do I, how do we, repent, forgive, and live in light of this? 

Father God, have mercy.
I repent for my nation's evil sins,
the church's part in destroying culture
in dishonoring and assisting in efforts to exterminate people groups
for destroying languages
for warring and stealing land
for perpetuating lies
for continued subjugation
for laws, policies, treaties and promises broken
for every evil, oh God, I repent, on behalf of myself, my forefathers and my nation

Oh Jesus, High Priest and Intercessor, have mercy
Bring a new day
Let Your light dawn in the First Nations
Remove addiction
Bring wholeness
Restore families
Bring reclamation
Shout new hope 
Herald in new life
Bring lover's of You into every life, releasing the gospel contextually 

Oh Holy Spirit, bring new songs and dances
Creativity and prosperity 
Entrepreneurship and opportunity
Education and dreaming Restore honor
Release peace into every home
Release freedom into every soul
Restore the combination: to be First Nation and a Lover of the Creator and His Creation
In Jesus' Name.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018


I want all the answers conveniently in my billfold
Rational and wise, benevolently advised,
Never surprised

Rather than
Mad-driving and poor
Biting and sure

Oh, the learning plight
Expectations bite
Parking lot fears and long nights

I wrote this and awoke this- choked this,
Cage my heart,The bitter part.

Sour to this gustatory perception
Never mind that it's late, too, 
An unequivocal rue. 

The aristocracy of chemistry.
Sure, subtlety,
I want to be known and, yes,

I have an agenda,
A timeline and a dreaming veranda
On the recline I'm inclined to fantasy

Until suffocated with the chest-crushing reality
Inciting; righting
Commanding fears, be flighting

Truth, be resurrecting, anxiety blasting
No more trust in starched prescription
Held by the fairy tale's happily ever after ransom

I will live in the in-between
Fearless and trusting
In Answerer never-forsaking.